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“Feeling Heavy? Detox!”  

The GoPro Plan

“Time to GoPro! Lose 3-4 kg in 13 days!”

The Low Cal Plan

Tailor-Made For A Healthier You! 

Catering Services

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Founded in 2010, HealthBox is a fast growing nurition and diet center aiming to serve you the most delicious weight loss menus made with the healthiest ingredients. If you are in need of a lifestyle change, nutritional counseling and/or catering services, then HealthBox is your right partner.

Our team of highly trained and dedicated dietitians and professional cooking and pastry chefs will assist you to reach your target weight while enjoying every bite.

All of our plans are tailor-made to meet the needs of each customer.

Food quality, safety and good taste are key components of what we do.

Why we are different
Why we are different
How It works
Meet with your diet consultant
one-on-one (average 45min)
Get a full body analysis assessment
Choose your tailor-made
lifestyle plan with the dietitian
Select your meals
from our varied menu
Daily meal box delivery
Schedule your
follow up sessions

Enjoy your
weight loss!

Diet Plans

HealthBox has successfully catered events from 30 to 200 persons and would gladly provide healthy yet mouthwatering choices for all your brunches, private dinners, corporate events, baptisms, birthdays and more. A wide collection of savory and sweet bites, gourmet salads, verrines, tartlets, main courses, pastries and event cakes are on the menu.

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Our boutiques in Hazmie, Achrafieh, Rabieh and Verdun offer a warm environment where people can sit in or take away and enjoy a variety of light snacks as well as guilt free desserts.

No time to visit? Please check our online boutique.